How to Start Study Abroad Process?

  • Step 1: Book an appointment here to discuss your study abroad plan with our Counsellor
  • Step 2: Enrol for the right package after discussion with the Counsellor.
  • Step 3: After enrolment you will get your Login credentials to access your own student control panel. You need to fill up the enrolment form first & upload all necessary documents.
  • Step 4: A dedicated Advisor would be appointed for you who would be in touch with you at all times till your reach your dream institution abroad. You can contact your Advisor even after reaching there![We extensively use WhatsApp, Email, Skype apart from Phone & Emails.]
  • Step 5: We start the detailed Academic & Financial assessment & the processes thereafter.We address questions like; When (to go abroad), What (to study abroad), Where (to study abroad), & finally How (to finish the study abroad process successfully)
  • Step 6: We assist you in creating the right action points (checklist) based on your study abroad plan & start the documentation [assistance with the SOP, Resume, Recommendation Letters, Essays etc.] immediately.
  • Step 7: After a thorough assessment of your credentials, we present you with the list of our recommendations of the degree programs & the universities/ colleges
  • Step 8: We also take your choices (Country / Course / City) in to consideration & finalize the names of institutions.
  • Step 9: After your approval, we proceed with the online/offline application filling & submissions. You do not need to worry about that!
  • Step 10: After the application submissions, we also do the follow-up (we need to be in touch at all times) with the respective institutions.
  • Step 11: Once we receive the admission confirmation(s), we continue with the Visa & related processes.

Please remember, we have to work together to achieve great success & also the have a high-flying career. Be genuine, do right things at right time, follow our instructions, you will always be successful.